Project Activities

1. Initial desktop analysis on the proposed regulative and a strategy for access to the target groups of the research/formulating of the research questions and measuring indicators, and Monitoring of the ongoing process of RIA for the proposed Law on the use of the languages.
2. Research and analysis of the effects of the regulative on the key affected parties:

    – those who are affected by this policy (the citizens)

  • A quantitative public opinion analysis/ an on-line field survey.
  • A qualitative public opinion analysis/ focus groups.

    – those who are going to be included in the implementation process of the policy (institutions)

  •  Interviews with representatives coming from institutions responsible for the implementation of the regulative.

    – Organizations which goals understand a direct interest from this policy (CSOs). 

  • A questionnaire for the civil society organizations
3. Publication of a final study/short public policy document.
4. Public debate and promotion of the document.